Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to be of service, not just to our commercial clients but to our community as well.

All our team share similar reasons for doing the work that we do. We believe in people’s potential to learn, grow and develop, regardless of their starting point. To become more themselves.

We realised that donating coaching rather than time or money was a fantastic way of helping others to do more with their own time and resource, to unlock potential. We actively support local causes by donating one-to-one coaching to people who can make a real difference to their service users.

It was then only a small step to recognise that we could follow the old proverb and ‘teach a man to fish’. In addition to donating coaching, we also donate coaching skills. Where a charity has a team or group who could benefit from taking a more empowering, facilitative, coaching style with each other or their service users, we are always keen to help by donating short, highly practical coaching skills courses.

We’re always keen to talk to people who could benefit from what we can offer. If you know of an organisation that could really use some of this kind of support, connect us – we will be happy to see how we can help.

Services for Individuals

We provide high quality one-to-one support and development for leaders and senior managers.

Services for Teams

We provide class-leading development programmes that meet the diverse needs of teams.

Services for Organisations

We can help you transform your organisation, it’s culture, management and leadership practices.

Open Programmes by PB Coaching

Open programmes. Train with the experts in ‘the psychological dimensions of executive coaching’.