Transforming Teams – Blackpool Public Health Team

Case Study Overview

Transforming Teams – Blackpool Public Health Team

The organisation and challenge

As Public Health teams around the UK were making the transition from NHS Primary Care Trusts to Local Authorities, the Blackpool Public Health Team, individually and collectively, were facing a range of issues.

These issues, often encountered two cultures merge or come together included a loss or change of professional identity, changes to role, channeling excitement or managing fear/anxiety, lack of trust and issues around a change of status. Arif Rajpura, Director of Public Health at Blackpool, recognised a need for his team to find new ways of supporting one another as they made this wholesale shift from one culture into another.

The work

Novum designed a programme that would provide the Blackpool Public Health team with the skills and confidence to support each other through the transition from NHS to Local Government. This would be a 4 day development programme run over a period of four months.

The programme would support participants so that they could open up in a safe environment and recognise where they “are” with the change, taking greater personal and collective ownership. Plus, they would develop coaching skills to support others too.


Testimonial from the client

The team has hugely benefited from the programme which to me is highly visible in the better morale and interpersonal relationships. Issues have been resolved through greater self awareness within the staff and a creation of an environment which allows more open and honest conversations between team members. The team is now taking greater responsibility for their own destinies and I’m sure we are going to establish ourselves as a strong Public Health team within the council. My only regret is that we should have done this 6 to 12 months ago!



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