Coaching Culture – Case Study – New Charter Group

Case Study Overview

Coaching Culture – Case Study – New Charter Group

Christine Aymes, Deputy Chief Executive, New Charter Group describes working with Novum to create a coaching culture within her organisation.

The challenge

As a social housing company who once described themselves as ‘adequate’, Chief Executive Ian Munro and the Group Management team recognised the need to change the culture of the organisation.

New Charter embarked on a journey where the leadership and management style has transformed from the traditional command and control approach to a culture whereby employees are more responsible and more accountable for their decisions and actions, and where leaders and managers apply a coaching mindset and have the skills to empower, nurture and trust their teams in order to bring out their full potential.

New Charter has now become a leading player in the housing sector with some of the highest customer satisfaction scores to go with outstanding staff engagement figures. They have achieved significant rankings in the Sunday Times Top 100 companies for the last three years. Their success has been ascribed to their commitment to organisation development and particularly, the development of the top team and creating a coaching culture.

The work

Novum has designed and delivered a number of OD interventions including the following:

♦ Executive Coaching for the Group Management team

♦ 5 day EMCC quality awarded Foundation Level ‘Manager as Coach’ programmes for the CEO and senior leadership team

♦ Several 5 day EMCC quality awarded Foundation Level ‘Manager as Coach’ training programmes for senior and middle managers

♦ Three 3 day ‘Basic Coaching Skills’ programmes for middle managers

♦ A series of large group interventions including coaching refresher days

♦ Supervision

♦ Attendance on some of our postgraduate coach training programmes by the CEO, members of the Group Management team and other senior managers

The results

The impact of the coaching culture have been extremely positive:

♦ The number of empty homes has reduced from 1200 to 127

♦ Outstanding repairs are down from £3m to £0

♦ Customer satisfaction has increased from 57% to 94%

♦ Employee happiness has increased from 54% to 98%

♦ Turnover has increased from £40m to £100m

♦ Testimonial from the client

Jane Blackburn, New Charter’s Director of Organisational Transformation:

“New Charter has been working with Novum for a number of years to great effect.  Novum have delivered numerous Advanced Coaching Programmes for our Heads of Service, Directors and Executive Directors. These programmes have provided the foundations of the coaching culture we have here. More recently, we have collaborated with Novum on the delivery of further ‘Manager as Coach Programmes’, again with excellent results.”


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