Do you own your life?

Have you spent years of your life climbing the career ladder, then only to find yourself questioning whether or not the ladder is leaning against the right wall?

Martin Heidegger, a German philosopher said that there are three modes of living: the un-owned, the dis-owned and the owned life. All three modes can be present in the same person in differing aspects of their life.

The Un-Owned Life is a one lived with no awareness of personal purpose and what matters. It’s the thoroughly conventional life, going along with what is expected. Chasing after an impressive job or a house in a desirable area. This is an inauthentic life.

Individuals leading an un-owned life are often only aware of practical problems, such as feeling anxious about getting things right and moving in the expected direction in life. A coach can help them realise that beneath the practicalities and expectations of others, there is something else that needs attention. This moves them to a dis-owned state.

The Dis-Owned Life is when an individual is aware that there is a mismatch between what matters to them and the life they are leading. This is often experienced as a discomfort, an unease, a sense that things aren’t right, but an inability or unwillingness to probe deeper into what this about. This is still an inauthentic life.

A coach can help you identify a sense of purpose, of what matters, the significance of this for their lives and whether you are ready and willing to take the next steps.

The Owned Life is rooted in awareness of what matters, what makes life meaningful and purposeful. There is a strong sense of commitment and direction. This is an authentic life.

Coaching can enable those with a strong sense of ownership to discover and step into new possibilities. They will often be challenging conventional wisdom and taking risks as they enter uncharted territory – coach can help them cope with uncertainties around this.

Researchers have found that people are more likely to achieve their goals and maintain their performance levels when their professional objectives link to their sense of purpose, meaning and values. Coaching is a great space to explore what really matters and identify what changes you need to realise your potential.

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