Why you need to be disruptive to be a great coach

Snow is a glistening but disruptive natural force. City offices become half deserted as business people work from home and traffic crawls cautiously along once busy motorways.

Coaching is also a disruptive force which interrupts our normal, ingrained patterns of behaviour. It brings moments of transformation, when a coachee recognise the role of their deeply embedded ways of thinking, feeling and behaving in the difficult situations they bring to coaching. Through ultimately a positive disruption, the individual can often feel anxious, excited or disorientated.

How does a disruptive conversation come about?    

You do not need to take a challenging and confrontational style as a coach. At Novum our coaching approach is about raising awareness. When a coachee comes with an issue they want to talk about – for example ‘My manager is critical and controlling’ – they see the situation in a certain way based on their perspective.

The coach seeks to raise awareness of the wider reality of the situation, both as described by the coachee and how they are in it – their thinking, feeling and behaviour. Continuing our earlier example, comments from the coachee’s manager may be interpreted as critical  and controlling because they had a critical parent. This is the psychological dimension of coaching. Much of a coachee’s taken-for-granted ways of acting will be outside of their awareness because they have absorbed these behaviours from the experiences they have had throughout their life.

Disruptive coaching conversations can radically shift how people understand themselves and situations – causing them to act in very different ways. For example, a person who has achieved success through being a specialist is likely to need to radically alter their way of relating to others to be an effective manager or leader. Raising their awareness will help them to lessen their need for control and learn to trust and reach out to others.

A disruptive coaching conversation will almost certainly be emotionally challenging for the coachee. They will feel the impact across all aspects of their life. But this overarching impact is why disruptive conversations can truly be called transformational.

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