The secret to increasing the success of your team

One of the key qualities of a good manager is the ability to bring out the best work from their team. Do you have some members of your team who are not performing to their full potential? Perhaps they seem to have lost the focus they once had.

When this happens, you may find yourself asking what is getting in the way in the successful performance you know is possible. Coaching is an invaluable tool for managers and leaders to manage the talent already present in their existing teams.

“Coaching is the unlocking of a persons’ potential to maximise their own performance” – John Whitmore.

Timothy Gallwey, a former professional tennis player and coach and founding executive coaching practitioner, argued that that traditional sports coaching was based upon a judgmental dialogue between two people about the right and wrong way to do something.

The impact of this is that the coachee internalises this dialogue between Self 1, a judgemental inner voice, and Self 2 (the natural self). The critical voice of Self 1 interferes with our ability to improve and learn from mistakes.

Examples of self-interference include:

♦ Fear and self-doubt

♦ Trying for perfection

♦ Trying to impress

♦ Anger, resentment, frustration, boredom, a busy mind.

Gallwey neatly explained the relationship between inference and potential with this equation:

Performance = potential – interference

What can you do to help your team?

Ask staff members coaching questions to raise their awareness of their feelings and emotions connected to work. For example:

♦ How would you solve this problem if you had all the resources possible?

♦ Do you feel anything is causing you to lose focus?

♦ What would you do if you felt more confident?

♦ How do you feel when you get stuck on a piece of work?

Once employees have recognised the interference which is causing them to lose their focus, you can support them to take steps to reduce it. This will have a beneficial impact on their performance. This is backed up with evidence – 95% of organisations using coaching saw a direct benefit to their business.

Coaching is about going just deep enough into what we term ‘the inner landscape’ to enable to your team members to identify and understand what is holding them back from fulfilling their potential. Novum’s area of expertise is the psychological aspect of coaching. It has the power to create real and lasting change in any organisation.

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