Presence matters – how do you ‘show up’?

Could your presence halt a charging elephant?

The video above shows how the calm and confident presence of the safari guide allows him to halt the elephant charging towards him. Presence is a powerful but often intangible quality. It gives you an edge as a coach or leader – to motivate, encourage or calm others.

Have you ever met someone who really commanded your attention and inspired you to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve greater things? They might have been a musician, political leader or a teacher. If so, you will recall the impact one person can have on others. You can create your own signature presence with self-awareness and development.

What do we mean by your signature presence?

Your presence is the way in which others experience you and what makes you different from any other coach or leader.

Be yourself. To create your own signature presence, you don’t need to mimic the language and behaviour of others. Be yourself – this is what makes your presence unique.

Speak up. Have the courage to make your voice heard and share your observations of the coachee and their dilemma, even when it is uncomfortable for you.

Take a backseat at the right time. Sometimes silence is more effective and powerful than words. Give your coachee the time and space to sit with their dilemma without interruption and share what is on their mind.

How to develop a stronger coaching presence

Identify and sustain a personal goal for yourself in each coaching session – project an outward image of calmness or confidence

Increase your tolerance of discomfort – challenge yourself at each session to spend a little more time in the points of the conversation where you feel less comfortable

Bring the conversation into the here and now – what is happening right now for the coachee, the coach and in the coaching relationship

The example of the safari guide and the elephant demonstrates the huge impact one person can have on others.

To make change happen, you need to develop your own signature presence. Our Postgraduate Certificate in Executive and Business Coaching will enable you to develop the psychological awareness to better manage how you ‘show up’ in front of others. To find out more or reserve your place, click here or call us on 0113 388 2820.

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