Accredited In-house Courses

Novum’s accredited in-house courses are for organisations that want to improve employee engagement. Our courses enhance decision-making at all levels, engaging employees and ultimately increasing productivity and profitability.

We offer a wide range of accreditations, validated by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and Leeds Business School, Leeds Beckett University. For more information, click here.

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What do we offer?

Our training has supported some of the most successful and award-winning coaching cultures in the UK.

Our in-house coach training can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

If you have a particular issue that is unique to your business, or your business culture, we can design bespoke programmes that are tailored to you and refined to achieve the exact objective you set out.

Our coaches really are the best in the industry, evidenced by the fact that we write the materials on coaching for universities!

We have a range of courses that are ready-to-go. These courses are designed to address issues organisations face, such as:

  • My revenue decreased and I had to reduce my workforce. Now I need to get the most out of the people in the business
  • We are going through a merger and will be mixing the teams, we need to get them working cohesively and fast!
  • I want to create a culture that encourages people to create their own solutions to the problems they are facing
  • My managers are swamped and feel like they are doing the work their teams should be doing, I need a training programme to help my manager get the best out of their team.

If CPD hours are what you need, we have a range of CPDSO accredited courses too.

Perhaps your business is a little different to others? We can create courses around your business and then get them CPDSO accredited on your behalf!

There’s more information on our CPD page here. 

We can train your employees to EMCC Foundation, Practitioner and Senior Practitioner levels. These programmes can also be accredited at ILM Level 5.

The objectives we meet frequently centre around; improving management style, engaging and empowering the team, developing individuals to make more valuable contributions and freeing up the managers’ time.

The outcomes usually include more cohesive teams, who operate with greater competence and confidence.

These programmes build the foundations of coaching skills, such as:

  • Goal setting
  • Effective questioning
  • Deep listening
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Empathy.

Who are they for?

Our accredited in-house courses are for organisations who want to:

Free up leaders’ time, by empowering people Improve efficiency and performance.

Upskill managers, enabling them to perform and manage better.

Develop a more engaged coaching culture, where colleagues are encouraged to take more personal responsibility and greater ownership.

Develop emotionally intelligent leaders and managers.

Build employee engagement and increase motivation.

Develop coaching skills, so that managers can foster talent or plan for succession.

Use coaching skills to enhance an organisational process, such as annual appraisals or engagement surveys.

Support the organisation through times of challenge, growth or change.

Christine Amyes describes her experience of working with Novum:

What are my next steps?

Our team are always happy to help. If you want to explore whether this is the best option for you, call 0113 388 2819 for a no-commitments conversation.

Alternatively, complete a contact form and one of our team will get in touch with you.