Coaching Cultures

We have created some of the most successful award winning coaching cultures in the UK.

The journey towards a coaching culture involves a range of training programmes for personal and professional development.

Some of these can be professionally accredited, if you would like your coaching culture to be certified. We can provide EMCC, ILM, CMI and postgraduate qualifications. See our Quality and Accreditation page for more details.

The benefits of coaching as an activity that takes place between two people, coach and client, are well known, hence the rapid growth of the industry and the ever-increasing use of coaching in organisations.

Imagine then the transformational impact of coaching released from its traditional context and embedded throughout the organisation as a mindset, a style of communication for all employees – when coaching is simply ‘how we do business around here’.

Who is it for?

Coaching cultures are for any organisation, large or small. They can even be used in particular teams that need to increase performance.

This approach is most often used when the prevailing styles of leadership and management mindsets need to change, in order to raise levels of engagement or performance.


There is a significant difference between a culture where coaching exists, and a coaching culture.

In a coaching culture, coaching is not just an activity that happens in a room between two people, or a style of communicating at appraisals or during team meetings.

In a coaching culture a ‘coaching style’ has become the predominant style of interacting throughout the organisation. People have honest, courageous and empowering conversations.

Coaching is fully integrated into people and performance management processes. Overarching this is a wholehearted belief in key coaching principles as identified by the organisation, such as ‘awareness and responsibility’ and ‘performance and potential’.

A coaching culture is not achieved simply by training lots of coaches. Something very different and far more comprehensive is required.

Our expertise in this space is second to none. We have created some of the most successful award-winning coaching cultures in the UK. Let us help you to create yours as well.

Download 10 steps to creating a coaching culture

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