Coaching Skills

Adopting a coaching style of management is a very powerful way of achieving more from your most valuable (and often most expensive) asset – your people.

Managers with a coaching approach foster innovation, encourage more personal commitment and contribution. They empower teams to create innovative ideas and to take ownership of issues.

This then frees up leaders’ and managers’ time to focus attention on the bigger issues.

We have a range of courses to rapidly upskill managers

 Whether accredited by Novum, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) or the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), we either have, or can create, the course to meet your objectives.

Our range of short courses are ideal for organisations who want to:

Enhance personal effectiveness and develop leadership and management capability

Support employees experiencing organisational change

Develop relationship and system awareness to encourage employee engagement, generating more personal accountability and responsibility

Increase your managers’ capacity to move from being transactional to transformational

Develop the ‘in the moment’ skills and techniques required to pause, reflect and make effective choices in day to day management

Help your managers be the best they can be, more of the time

Mapping out what you want to get from coach training takes a bit of reflection, so we designed a “thinking tool” as a handy resource. Simply download the tool and use it in your own way to clarify your thinking and next steps.

Help your managers be the best they can be

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Click here to read more about our Coaching as a Leader 3-day course, which is CPD accredited. You’ll get a minimum of 18 CPD hours on this course.

The best way to ensure that your objectives are met and that the programme will deliver a clear Return on Investment (ROI) for your business is to have a tailor-made programme.

Contact us for an initial discussion to find out more.

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