Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Our CPD programmes deliver short, focused development to internal coaches and managers – training them how to make an impact on organisational performance.

In common with all our programmes, our CPD adopts the unique Novum’s signature style; using emotion, values, beliefs and psychological approaches to deliver lasting change.

We design bespoke CPD programmes

Regardless of organisation size or industry, we can design bespoke CPD programmes that align directly with your business needs. Contact us directly to find out more about bespoke CPD.     

Coaching as a Leader


You will explore the following tools and approaches to coaching:

  • Emotional Intelligence Profiling
  • T-GROW model
  • Spectrum of Leadership Skills
  • Key Coaching Skills
  • Psychological Dimensions of Coaching
  • Paired Coaching Conversations
  • Agreements and Boundaries in Coaching
  • Coaching in the Workplace
  • Honest Conversations.

In addition to learning the foundations, you will also practice coaching in a safe environment. This includes:

  • Coaching demonstrations
  • At least five hours’ coaching skills practice.

Coaching Through Leadership


You will explore the following approaches to coaching:

  • The context for coaching as a leader
  • Coaching essentials
  • Coaching conversations
  • Coaching Demonstration
  • Psychological dimensions of coaching
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Climate: What makes an effective leader?
  • Coaching practice with Coach Practice Tutor.

Fundamentals of Coaching Conversations


You will explore the following approaches to coaching:

  • What is Coaching
  • The Coaching Principles
  • The Leadership Spectrum
  • Coaching Skills
  • T-GROW Model
  • Working at the Inner Psychological Level
  • Coaching in Practice.

In addition to learning the foundations, you will also practice coaching in a safe environment. This one-day course includes 45 minutes of coaching practice.

What do we offer?

We offer flexible delivery options and our extensive range of topic content ensures that CDP events can be rapidly deployed.

We can tailor any of our CPD content to suit the needs of your organisation, your managers and your coaches.

Novum consultants work with your organisation, so that we can design and deliver CPD that meets the unique needs of your organisation, your coaches and your managers.

For managers who coach

Providing CPD for managers who coach will enhance their coaching skills, enabling them to apply coaching in day to day situations. 

The focus of this development is to allow managers to help their staff make incremental changes in their performance through short, in-the-moment, coaching conversations and to practise a coaching mindset.

Managers will be able to help build more effective relationships in teams, inter-departments and with leadership groups. This will ultimately lead to significant improvements in outcomes, relationships and climate – increasing your organisation’s opportunities to achieve its objectives.

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What are my next steps?

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