Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching Supervision

The demand for coaching supervision is more prevalent than ever now all major professional coaching bodies – the EMCC, APECS, ICF and the AC – have made supervision a clear requirement for ethical practice and individual accreditation.

This demand has further increased as organisations with mature in-house coaching capability are recognising the necessity of providing supervision support to large numbers of coaches, and the potential strategic contribution of supervision.

Supervision, essentially, has shifted from the periphery to centre stage of the coaching profession.

About this programme

Launched in 2009, our Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching Supervision is one of the longest running coach supervision programmes in the UK.

The programme is designed to address the typical challenges experienced by coach supervisors, teaching a blend of approaches.

This course covers:

  • Raising awareness of the coach’s personal psychological responses to the coachee and their agenda
  • Helping the coach use that awareness in service of their client and of their own development
  • Supporting coaches to successfully handle overlapping relationships and tensions, such as those when the coach is line manager to the coachee
  • Exploring how organisational dynamics are replayed in the coaching relationship.

Who Should Attend?

Do you want to develop professional coaching supervision skills through a challenging, in-depth programme that also addresses your personal development?

If so, this may be the course for you. With the increasing number of independent and internal coaches and the ever-stronger focus on supervision as a component of ethical practice and as a strategic resource, participants are joining this course from a wider range of backgrounds than ever before. Delegates should be experienced coaches who have already gained significant coaching hours and experience and and who have either completed PB Coaching’s Postgraduate Certificate in Executive and Business Coaching, or have equivalent education/training or significant relevant experience.

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