For Individuals

We provide quality one-to-one support and development for managers and leaders

At Novum we believe that personal and professional development are two sides of the same coin, and that both are absolutely necessary for today’s leaders.

We are working in times of ever-increasing change, uncertainty, pressure and complexity, circumstances that often evoke unhelpful reactions such as self–doubt, stress and anxiety. These reactions can keep people fixed in their habitual responses, reacting to the present as though it were their past and hampering reflexivity, creativity and innovation. The challenges of modern leaders are unlikely to be resolved with classic leadership methodologies and existing frames of reference. New ways of supporting leaders are required.

Who is a leader? It’s not just the people at the top who can be leaders. Everyone has the capacity to bring more of themselves to their role; to take greater personal responsibility, to challenge and support, to be seen and heard when they know they have a part to play. In fact, more and more organisations are looking for people to do just this.

Our individual development options can provide:

  • Immediate support in times of turbulence and change
  • Focussed coaching to help you work towards specific goals, work through challenges or make the most of opportunities
  • The self-development knowledge, tools and practices that will make you a more effective leader.

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Bespoke Development

Highly tailored development programmes, unique to you, that address your personal and professional development.