Geoff Pelham

About Geoff Pelham

As well as coaching and supervising coaching, my abiding passion has been as an ‘educator’, gathering together key ideas and research in a way that is easily understood, and, most important of all, directly applicable to enhancing practice. I deliver post graduate programmes on coaching, coaching psychology and coach supervision, on open programmes and in-house for organisations.

What matters most to me

The question of the meaning and purpose of life has always been with me, guiding me through university life, psychotherapy, and now is at the heart of my approach to coaching.

How my work aligns or connects with this

Somehow, so many of my coachees bring questions about what really matters to them, their purpose and direction in life. I’m sure somehow I invite these questions, because they are my questions, but they are also transforming questions for the people I work with, whether in 1:1 sessions or on courses.

My ideal weekend

At weekends I enjoy the space to read more on the subjects that fascinate me, go walking amongst the beautiful hills and canals of Yorkshire, and sharing meals with family and friends.

My favourite writer

The writer who has had the most impact on me in the past decade is the existential philosopher Martin Heidegger; his work has transformed my coaching practice. However, I wouldn’t recommend you read him in the original as it is too obscure. I liken reading his work to ‘panning for gold’, a lot of hard graft for a few absolute nuggets.