Helen Corcoran

About Helen Corcoran

As a Coach Trainer and Executive Coach at Novum, I am involved in the delivery of our open and bespoke programmes, working with clients to develop interventions that really hit the mark. I am also part of the coaching team

What matters most to me

  • Connecting with people/friends/family – being a part of other people’s lives
  • Having an impact and making a contribution
  • Having a purpose
  • Being the best person I can be
  • Having a zest for life and experiencing all that I can
  • Being fit and having energy
  • Doing the best I can in all that I do
  • Having the courage and personal responsibility to make changes
  • Finding happiness in small things
  • Fun and laughter
  • Loving and being loved
  • Achievement and development
  • Being authentic
  • Positivity
  • Thankfulness


How my work aligns or connects with this

The type of work that I do is made for me! I really love making a contribution and an impact through connecting with others, helping them to develop, and also evolving and developing myself – this gives me a real sense of purpose and energy.


My ideal weekend

An ideal weekend for me would involve a relaxing Friday night in to re-charge, topped off with a huge lie in on Saturday morning for good measure! I would then use some of this newly found energy in the gym, maybe in a spinning or kettle bell class! I usually feel very virtuous at this stage, and then ruin it all by meeting with friends and family and having a lovely meal, lots of wine and great conversation and laughter! If I can squeeze in some shopping and cocktails, my ideal weekend is complete!


Favourite things

  • Favourite place – Dubai
  • Favourite meal – Lobster, chips and mayonnaise
  • Favourite film – Pretty Woman
  • Favourite Psychologist – Martin Seligman as a founder of positive psychology

The motto I live by is…

Work hard, play hard!