Jane Claire

About Jane Claire

I lead the Coach Tutor team to ensure that we deliver amazing experiences for our clients. I deliver on many of our programmes. I work with the tutors to constantly review and improve our courses. I work with the internal team to improve the processes to ensure we deliver quality in everything we do. I am also responsible for ensuring that our courses continue to meet our accreditation and university standards.


What matters most to me

My daughter and living a life that is honest to my values.


How my work aligns or connects with this

My work is about helping people being the best they can be and there is nothing that I value more.


My ideal weekend

As I spend so much time away during the week, my ideal weekend would be at home with my cats, just pottering around. Then enjoying a walk in the countryside nearby finishing at a pub meal with friends in the evening.


My favourite music

Eva Cassidy, very soulful singer who died much too young.


My favourite place

Underwater on a reef in the Maldives.


My favourite Psychologist

James Prochaska.


The motto I live by is…

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t -you’re right”. Henry Ford