Nicola Carter-Barnes

About Nicola Carter-Barnes

As project and operations manager my role is to make sure that we are using our resources effectively within streamlined processes. I create detailed project plans to ensure that we meet our goals in a cost effective manner.


What matters most to me

Investing time and effort in the people I care about. Being present and consistent, taking personal responsibility and doing what I say I am going to do. Authenticity of self.


How my work aligns or connects with this

A clear plan eliminates the feeling of chasing one’s own tail so that we all have a clear view of how to achieve our common goals. This maintains focus and momentum. I plan not only to deliver great business results but to make the most of our people on a personal level too. Effective planning means that our teams feel valued because we can then invest in their development, giving them time to upskill and grow as individuals. Moreover, I ensure that our human resources are not overloaded so a good work life balance is maintained. I regularly review and refine processes to ensure that they are fit for purpose and efficient, reducing repetition and eliminating niggles that can draw attention away from the point of focus. The devil is in the detail; by reducing wasted time and small problems at every stage in the bigger picture I enable us as a business to accumulate lots of ‘1% improvements’ which really do add up and result in a large overall change. All of these points combined contribute to the maintenance of a happy people delivering results in a healthy working environment.

My ideal weekend

A long, long walk in the countryside or day at the beach whilst doing some photography. Topped off by a lively dinner with wine and friends. Cards and conversation in front of an open fire until the wee small hours.

My favourite music

Latin, live and loud! Perfect for Salsa-ing the night away.

My favourite place

West Cornwall.

My favourite film

Any number of 80’s cheesey classics. Short Circuit is high on my list.

The motto I live by is…

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.