Pierson Stratford

About Pierson Stratford

My role is to is to ensure that we provide a brilliant bespoke service to each of our customers,  partnering with them to help them maximise their potential. I maintain my coaching skills delivering some coaching and coach practice tutor work, but like to focus my time meeting new people and helping them scope out new solutions for a sustainable future.


What matters most to me

Making the most of the opportunities we have. To live, is to choose. We can only ever start from where we are and we’re on this world for a very short time. It matters to me to make the most of who I am and help others to make the most of what they have.


How my work aligns or connects with this

What matters most to me connects with my work because it’s about releasing potential. I get my needs met from growing and helping others to grow.


My ideal weekend

Time with my primary school aged sons. I believe that the world is there to be experienced, so if its riding bikes, climbing trees, exploring somewhere new, or doing exciting science experiments, I love to be with my family having fun. I like to live by the three L’s, Living, Laughing, Learning. So if I’m not following my curiosity, I’m probably with my wife and friends enjoying a good meal.


My favourite food

Is any that’s shared with people I care about. This might be a chateaubriand with my wife, a burrito with a colleague on the way back from a meeting or sharing a bag of crisps with my 7 year old. Sharing the moment just makes it better.


My book recommendation

Peter Bluckert’s “The Psychological Dimensions of Executive Coaching”. This book has had the biggest impact on my coaching practice of everything I have read.


My favourite quote

“Whatever a man does, he must do first in his mind.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi